Your service provider in the field of robotics

Concept development
Do you have an idea or the desire to have a task performed by a robot? I will help you find a suitable concept and show you various possible solutions.

I can make process sequences visible using a simulation program. I can also analyse cycle times as part of this.
Feasibility studies
Analysis helps me precisely determine whether a robot’s range is suitable for the task and whether the motion sequences function without issues.

Gripper and tool concepts
Based on my experience, I can support you in defining gripper and tool concepts to avoid unnecessary repetitive constructions.
I am also glad to assume responsibility for project management for the projects that I work on and program.

Support in feature configuration
Do you want to order a robot, but are not sure which features make sense? Just ask me.

Robot configuration
Robots are very powerful and complex machines. It is important to know exactly what you are doing during configuration.

Safety and security
Concepts for safeguarding robot systems are constantly evolving. I will be happy to advise you in this regard.

Interface tuning
What is the right bus strategy for your system? Profibus, ProfiNet, DeviceNet or something else? Which signals have to be transmitted? I will take care of all this for you.

Robot programming and configuration
I can configure and program your robots for you as part of my service. I mainly work with KUKA and ABB.

Several robots and positioners on a single robot controller
Sometimes it makes sense to connect several robots or positioners to a single controller. This is especially the case when they have to work together. It can be quite effective and save costs.

Reprogramming, optimising and troubleshooting existing robot systems
You may be having problems with, or a new task for, your robot system. I will be happy to conduct an analysis and provide suggestions for you. I can advise you with regard to new tasks.

Programming for machining components with path planning
Contact me if you need to machine a component with flames, blades, milling cutters, sonotrodes or other technology.

Do you have an idea and want to know whether it can be realised using a robot? If you have an existing robot system, I will be glad to conduct testing for you.

Commissioning of robot systems worldwide
Do you have customers abroad, but no one to commission your robot system? Just ask me.

Training in German and English
Of course, I also train the personnel on the systems that I have programmed and commissioned.